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KIM sets the investment standard in Korea.

Dear Valued customer and visitors,

In 1974 when the name “fund” was unfamiliar to  the general. public in Korea, KIM became a pioneer with the first sales of  its “Long-term No, Bond Fund”.Since that time, KIM has continued to take a leading position in the domestic investment fund industry, and the trust and support of our customers for over 36 years has been one of our company’s biggest strengths and something that we are determined to maintain.

More recently, the Korean fund market has undergone drastic changes with the concept of fund investmentmoving from that of a time deposit to that of a real fund, with its accompanying variety of risks and returns.In addition, there has been a rapid expansion in the range of  funds from traditional equity and bond funds to funds investing in real estate, real assetsm derivatives, etc.while the area of investment has espanded from Korea to cover all regions of the globe. In this environment .we have acted to provide our customers with as many investment opportunities as possible while not neglecting to support their interests by ensuring that they have access to sufficient and accurate infomationabout any fund products.

KIM places a priority on investment principles and fundamentals for the efficient and stable increase in the assets entrusted to us and acts as a guide to our customers for their asset management requirements.

KIM has emphasized fundamental value investment and has released diversified and differentiated fund products to meet the varied needs of our customers, such as our Contrarian Fund, Samsung Group Fund, Vietnam Fund, andOil- Development Fund. As Korean investors have expanded their investment horizons outside Korea,we have also expanded our overseas operations in order to satisfy their demands by establishing subsidiary companies in Hong Kong and Vietnam and a research office in Shanghai.

In order to realize our investment philosophy of exceeding our customers’ expectations by providing “Better Performance and Better Services based on our Specialty and Passion”, we operate on the three principles of value investment through a bottom up approach, systematic decision making to provide sound operations, and maintenance of consistent processes. All our company’s employees and executives, including myself and the CIO, are committed to these three operational principles in order to promote the growth of our customers’ assets.

In the future, KIM is determined keep ahead of its competitors while also helping our customers to realize their investment goals based on our long years of investment experience and sound operational philosophy.

We look forward to your continued trust and support

Thank you.

Chung, Chan Hyoung President & C E O

true Friend Korea Investment Management Co., Ltd


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